night owls
Illustrations for the project of the company A1: All-nighters , to order, 2023
Yoga alphabet cards for kidsYoga alphabet cards for kids
Yoga alphabet cards for kidsYoga alphabet cards for kids
Yoga alphabet cards for kids, made to order, 2021
Illustration, children bathing in a lake
My favorite place, personal project, 2022
A boy astronaut in space with his dog is chasing a star, a gift for children
A boy and his dog in space, portrait, personal project, 2023
alarm clock illustration of the letter U for puzzlessheep at the hairdresser illustration of the letter O for puzzles
jumping over elastic rubber twist illustration of the letter E for puzzles
jez runs in front of the car illustration of the letter j for puzzles puzzleceda
illustration of the letter S for puzzles puzzles of an elephant on a scale
A zebra crosses the road on a zebra illustration of the letter z for crossword puzzles
illustration of a giraffe posing in front of a photographer letter Ž for riddles riddles
Illustrations for alphabet puzzles, Ugankeceda; to order, 2023
Playing with dinosaurs, portrait for the wall, wall art
Playing with dinosaurs, portrait, personal project, 2022
Cats and dogs Rainy day, personal project, 2022
ABC memory game with the alphabet, the fox and the swallowABC play memory with the alphabet, jumping in puddlesABC memory game with alphabet, bear and butterfly
ABC memory game - SLOVAK ALPHABET , personal project, 2022
Abandoned house, exploration
Abandoned house, personal project, 2022
Pirate ship
Pirate ship, portrait, personal project, 2022
ABC Memory game with alphabetABC Memory game with alphabetABC Memory game with alphabet
ABC memory game - ENGLISH ALPHABET , personal project, 2021
illustration, School yard, anxiety, fear of classmates
School yard, personal project, 2022
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