"The best thing about creating mischievous illustrations is seeing a smile on someone's face or hearing someone laugh when they look at your work."

Welcome to my fantasy island!

I hope that the journey here was pleasant, but now I invite you to step away from your everyday life and indulge in the naivety of a child and the mischief of an adult. This is me. Anja Držanič, who likes to draw, laugh, swing on the swing and jump in puddles.

I got my master's degree at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana, where I illustrated a speech therapy picture book for my final project in collaboration with two speech therapists, which now serves as an aid in their work with children, and is also suitable for parents who can read the picture book together with your children.

During and after my studies, I worked in children's workshops at the Museum of Architecture and Design, where I also prepared artistic work material and enjoyed it immensely.

I like to illustrate for the youngest and the young at heart, because then I can finally let my inner child take over. My friends tell me that they see a lot of me in my illustrations, so I invite you to visit my Instagram profile , where you can get to know me better.

Ilustratorka Anja Držanič. Imate kakšno vprašanje, idejo za sodelovanje ali pa bi me radi samo pozdravili? Potem mi le pišite, vesela bom vašega sporočila!

Do you have a question, an idea for collaboration, or would you just like to say hello?

Then just write to me, I'll be happy to hear from you!

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