Igra spomin kot pripomoček v šoli?

Memory game as a tool in school?

When creating the illustrations for the ABC memory game, I followed some important principles:

  • each illustration must contain at least three words beginning with the same letter
  • each illustration of at least one main character around whom an interesting story can develop.

The main goal of this game is to allow children to learn letters in a fun and engaging way. The illustrations help them recognize the letters as they explore the different words on each card. However, over time, another great idea appeared - to use these cards to create stories.

ABC letter L memory gameABC memory game letter J

The ABC memory game is actually also used as an additional tool for first grade teachers.

Manca, a first-grade teacher, says: " I regularly use the ABC memory game with my first-graders when we learn letters and when we train verbal communication by describing pictures. We also use them as a memory game to pass the time during breaks and in the afternoon. Children love to use them, because the perfectly and perfectly drawn pictures attract them even more to observation, description and play."

It is also recommended by speech therapist Anja Koncilija:

" As a speech therapist and mother, I sincerely recommend Anja's memory to every parent, as it is an excellent didactic game that can also be used to encourage a child's speech and language communication. Younger people are attracted by picturesque and well-thought-out illustrations, alongside which we can create descriptions with short or long sentences, which of course can be adapted to the child's age.

For older preschool children, the game can be a challenge, as they begin to learn about the first sounds with which each word begins or form sentences with each first sound, while first-graders can playfully learn about letters in this way. Anja Koncilija, speech therapist."

letter c ABC is a memory game

With the ABC memory game, children will enjoy learning letters and exploring the world of words at the same time. This didactic game encourages creativity, learning and the development of speech and language skills. Join us and discover the magic of learning with this unique game!

You can get your copy here below →

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