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More than just a memory game

Everyone knows the classic memory game, right?

But despite the fact that the rules are well known to most, I will still summarize them here. Of course, the instructions are always available on the cover of the ABC memory game ;)

The memory game is a didactic game in which shuffled cards are placed face down on the table. The first player reveals two cards. If the icons are the same, he takes them and then reveals two cards again. This process continues until two different cards are discovered. Then he turns them back down, and the next player continues the game. Whoever has the most pairs at the end of the game wins.

abc game psomin cute illustrations with %u010Drks of the Slovenian alphabet

The ABC memory game offers more than just a matching game.

With it, the child simultaneously learns the letters of the Slovenian alphabet and words that begin with that letter. Each card has at least three words drawn that start with that letter.

You can find a list of all words here

We can help the child to recognize letters by asking him what is drawn on the card and emphasizing the first letter of the word when pronouncing it.

When the child already knows the letters better, we can add a rule to the game that every time he discovers a pair, he must say which letter is on that pair.

Later, you can add a rule so that every time it finds a pair, it also writes down that letter.

Memory game letter C sequin flower slippers

The illustrations on the cards were also created to encourage imagination and storytelling. We can talk with the child about what is shown on the card and create different stories together. We encourage the child to think about how the situation in the picture came about and how the story could continue. In this way, we contribute positively to the development of the child's speech and language skills.

Now that you're ready to play, have fun!


Dr. Anja

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